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Brand new books at slashed prices, straight from the wholesaler. Multiple copies available of all titles.


To order:

1. Browse the listing pages via the menu at upper left.  Hundreds of titles available.


2. Find good stuff.  I have set down all the basic information that the wholesaler's catalogue provides. If you would like details about a particular title, email me at historyboox "at" and I'll try to find out more.


3. Copy-and-paste listings of books you want into an email addressed to historyboox "at" ; or open this email window and copy and paste into it. Send me your order before the end of Monday, March 5th. I will then send the order to the wholesaler and when the entire order arrives here, I will separate the orders and let you know your final price. Sometimes the wholesaler is sold out of a title by the time I order it, so don't send any payment until you've heard from me.

SORRY, I WILL NOT SHIP TO ADDRESSES OUTSIDE THE USA.  Dealing with currencies and customs forms has become far more trouble than it's worth, while the price of shipping to other countries has become astronomical.  Unfortunately, there is no longer any kind of cheap book rate for overseas shipping from the USA.

I respond to and acknowledge all messages sent me, so if you email me any messages or questions and do not receive a response from me, please check your spam/bulk mail box immediately, and please add my bookstore mailing address – historyboox [at] – to your address book; then please drop me a note.  Between them, the email gremlins and the bulk mail filters often devour messages, and sometimes a message doesn't even get shunted into the spam folder but simply disappears into the electronic ether.


Please contact me with any questions at all that you may have.




Shipping Rates:


Local pickup in Albany, NY: No shipping charge for pickup. Email me for an appointment. Payment for books must be in cash or prepaid.

Mailing rates to addresses in the USA: $4.00 for the first volume, $1 each additional volume. Rates may occasionally be adjusted up or down for very heavy or very light books. Postal insurance is extra ($2.25 - $2.75) and optional (recommended for parcels with a total price of more than $20); orders with a total price above $100 are insured without additional charge.

Owing to the astronomical cost of international shipping, plus the general annoyance and inconvenience of calculating said astronomical shipping charges, deciphering customs forms, and quoting and processing payment in other currencies, I no longer ship to addresses outside the United States. Feel free to request that an order be shipped care of a friend to his/her address within the USA.



I accept personal or business checks drawn on a U.S. bank (must clear before orders are shipped), cash (in US dollars, Canadian dollars, or Euros only), or PayPal/PayPal International. I am unable to accept credit or debit card payments except through PayPal. I accept international payments only through PayPal in U.S. dollars--no non-U.S. checks or money orders accepted unless drawn directly on a U.S. bank.

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